SEA CHANGE aims to inform real estate professionals and the public about programs that advance housing opportunity, including resources for those who consider themselves on the margins of housing security or market inclusion. Find some of these resources below.

Building connections for BIPOC homeownership

Seattle area home prices are back up after a slump last year. And high costs are a barrier for many potential buyers.People from marginalized backgrounds face additional challenges in expensive housing markets like King County. Windermere’s Samantha Enos is here to talk about what’s out there to help BIPOC buyers get into the market.

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Cedar Crossing Apartments sponsored by Mercy Housing and Seattle Office of Housing

Introduction to Seattle’s Office of Housing

The Seattle Office of Housing increases opportunities for families of all incomes to live in our city and provides home repair and weatherization programs. For over 30 years, the city…

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HomeSight Homeownership Center

In our last edition, we highlighted the new partnership between non-profit

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New Pathways to Homeownership for Those with Modest Means

As real estate professionals in Washington, we are all aware of the escalating home prices in our communities and the impact this can have on clients looking for an affordable…

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