SEA CHANGE strives to educate real estate professionals and the public about Seattle’s history of segregation and housing exclusion. When we understand our past, we can create change in the present and progress for the future.

Washington State Passes Downpayment Assistance Law for Those Harmed by Racist Covenants

In May, Governor Inslee signed a law that will create a downpayment assistance program to help people affected by racist covenants used to ban property from being sold or rented to non-white people prior to enactment of the Fair Housing Act in April of 1968.

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History of Housing Justice in Seattle's Central District

A History of Housing in the Central District

How did the Central District of Seattle (CD) become the center of the Black experience in the Puget Sound area, and why has it now largely dissolved? What lessons can…

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Arches Building Purchased in Effort to Maintain Affordable Housing

The Arches Apartments, located at Rainier Ave South and South Holly Street, has provided affordable housing to families in the Rainier Valley for more than 50 years. Barbara and Norm…

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ASPIRE Interns Make a Difference

In July 2021, Windermere partnered with the University of Washington College of Built Environments (CBE) to host students enrolled in the ASPIRE internship program. ASPIRE offers financial support, mentoring, and…

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Knowing Our History

As agents, we need to be informed on many things — contracts, HOA rules, zoning codes, etc. But do we know our housing history? Understanding this history and sharing it…

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